What is Blue Light?

Many of us have heard by now that blue light from tv & computer screens and other digital devices
is not great for our eyes or general wellbeing. Have a read below of the studies behind these claims,
and how Avatude blue light blocking glasses can help. 

In this digital era where smartphones, tablets & other devices are being used more and more by people of all ages, you may have heard phrases such as “blue light”, “blue light blocking” or “digital eye strain.” Perhaps you’ve heard that blue light is bad for you for one reason or another. Read on to find out all the details, and answer the question: “What is blue light?”

Blue light is a wavelength of light emitted from the sun, and from artificial lighting & devices.

Exposure to blue light from the sun during the day is good for us, helping us to stay alert, perform well and stay in a good mood.1

Exposure to blue light from artificial lighting & devices (smartphones, tablets, televisions- all devices that produce a lot of blue light) can disrupt the internal body clock2 particularly in the evenings – tricking our brains into thinking it’s still daytime, leading to trouble sleeping.

It does this by inhibiting the natural production of melatonin, a hormone in our bodies that regulates sleep.3, 4

Not only does a lack of quality sleep pose its own health risks but suppressing melatonin in the evenings can also lead to numerous other health issues.5, 6, 7, 8

Blue light in the evening can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, negatively effecting your natural production of melatonin and reducing the quality of your sleep.

Studies have shown that wearing special blue light blocking glasses can allow you to use digital devices with much less interruption in melatonin production.9, 10

Over-exposure to artificially made blue light (even during the day) can also contribute to headaches & migraines11, 12 and dry or fatigued eyes13 leading to blurred vision and discomfort.

This collection of symptoms is becoming known globally as Digital Eye Strain, or Computer Vision Syndrome14, 15

Avatude Blue Light Eyewear combines comfortable & stylish frames with the highest quality UV400 and UV420 blue light blocking lenses to reduce the amount of artificial blue light you’re exposed to and can help lessen the unwanted side effects listed above.

Avatude eyewear is ethically sourced and produced in full compliance with SEDEX international standards. This means good work conditions, good pay for workers at each stage of production and sustainable sourcing of materials.

The Science Behind Avatude™

Blue light is visible light that ranges from 380nm–500nm on the light spectrum. It is high energy with short wavelengths. Similar to UV light, blue light has both negative and positive effects on our health, most directly affecting our eyes.

Diagram showing the different wave lengths of blue light through to red light

The high energy (blue) light of digital screen, has less consistent emission flow making it difficult to focus on. The flickering and glare affect contrast and sharpness, leaving our eyes straining to see, and disrupting the circadian rhythm – tricking the brain into thinking it’s actually day time when it isn’t.

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