Blue Light Glasses for Offices & Workplaces

help your employees become less fatigued and more productive,
by reducing blue light exposure from computer screens and digital devices.

Blue Light and Digital Eyestrain


Our bodies and eyes just weren’t designed for modern digital lifestyles and workplaces. Yet high numbers of people are working in office environments, where being planted in front of a screen all day is often a requirement of the job.

One of the major flow-on effects of spending this much time in front of a computer is a new condition known as Digital Eyestrain. This includes a range of uncomfortable side effects as a result of blue light from screens being absorbed by the human eye.

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The Side Effects of Digital Eyestrain

Employees suffering from digital eyestrain can be less productive when they are experiencing:

Avatude saw an opportunity to bring our popular range of blue light blocking eyewear to the corporate market. We genuinely feel we can make a real difference to the wellbeing of employees by reducing fatigue and eliminating the above symptoms.

How Do Avatude Blue Light Glasses Help?

Our range of blue light blocking eyewear utilize high quality UV400 to UV420 lenses to reduce the amount of blue light absorbed by the wearer’s eyes. Employees can also benefit from wearing Avatude during their personal time, such as when using smartphones or watching television in the evenings.  

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